Before we work on finding the right programme for you, we focus on any injuries or other causes of pain that are preventing you from successfully & comfortably exercising.

We’ll take you through a preliminary fitness induction to help us determine the best way to move forward. We want to create unique goals for every one of our clients, but as a team we aim to:

Reduce joint & tissue restrictions 

Improve posture & movement 

Exercise short & stiff muscles 

Aid painful joints & muscles 

Work on joint capsule restrictions & neural dynamo issues 

We’ll then move forward with a variety of strength techniques & cardiovascular training methods to help you rebuild your mobility & power, as well as rehabilitate:

Compound Movement Training
(Posterior chain training, which increases all-round athletic performance.) 

Functional Bodybuilding
(The most efficient & safe way to build muscle.)

Circuit Training
(A personalised combination of exercises to target a variety of areas.)

Kettle Bell Work
(Increases cardiovascular health whilst building muscle.)

(High Intensity Interval Training & Low Intensity Steady State) 

Your trainer will also work out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) & TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) to help them advise you on your daily calorie intake, maximising fat loss & muscle gain.


Whether it’s posture correction, pain relief, mobility improvement or fat loss, we firmly believe in the power of natural endorphins to help with your mental strength as well as working on your body.

Reducing anxiety & stress, increasing your energy, improving your sleep efficiency & empowering your self-esteem are hugely important to us aside from the physical aspect.


In addition to physical training, we can provide: 

1. Optional weight loss diet plans 

2. Optional weight gain diet plans 

Both options will not only focus on calorie consumption, but will also improve the quality and balance of the macro nutrients that you are consuming.

We believe that nutrition plays a massive roll in rehabilitation & athletic performance, so we'd love to help our clients with that element of their journey also. 



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