PFT Windsor also offer "Office Rehab" - personalised fitness packages brought to you.

MOTIVATE your workforce by highlighting their value & enabling them to work more comfortably.
Decrease pain & improve work ETHIC.
We believe that no one should live with pain & should be given the TOOLS to reach their physical potential.


PFT Provide:

  • A trained professional, who will come to your office to work on dissolving the

physical aches & pains of your workforce.

  • Advice on exercise routines & nutritional support.

  • The inclusion of techniques including static stretching, self massage plus smashing & flossing of muscle tissue.

  • We will identify posture issues & will prescribe mobilisation exercises to restore neutrality.

  • We help relieve stress by eradicating any tension or pain in the upper back & neck.

Common issues caused by an office environment, such as pain in your lower back, hip and neck, can all be solved within minutes.


We ask for a decent sized space for sessions to take place.*

All employees that take part must sign a PAR-Q.

A PFT trainer will be available for a maximum of 2 hours per session.

*Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the specifics of the room & time requirements.



£700 for 10 hours

£400 for 8 hours 

£250 for 2 hours


Contact Us for more information.



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